Festivals and Events.

The Carnival Arts Group have been engaged in all sorts of events from running workshops, to hosting carnivals and liaising with councils and the police to make the event happen. On the festival scene our workshops have entertained kids and parents alike, from making small flags to giant processional structures.

At the Big Chill festival last year (2004) we ran three days of workshops with flags (for the little ones) small 3d models (ladybirds and fish on sticks) and a big structure each day (a wasp, the mother of all ladybirds and a turtle). At the end of each day we paraded the objects around the field to great cheers from the crowds...

Our wasp also had a secret night life, as it was stolen and taken all over site, reports came back that it had been spotted at the front of the main stage, in the sculpture park and was finally rescued from a tree on the other end of the festival.


At Eastnor Castle Children's Week The Carnival Arts Group have been a part of the furniture since 2000. An impressive event that lasts for five days with many children returning every day, some every year, we have seen it grow from 5,000 to nearly 12,000 visitors. Our workshops have fuelled a carnival parade held at the end of each day that brings together most of the participants with their work and keeps bringing children back. One happy parent said "we love the art sessions and can gauge our children's development from the work they produce each year"

Next year we will be back at Eastnor Children's Week and will be leading printmaking workshops at a new event "Arty Crafty - The Hands On Experience" to be held on two days in May.



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