The Carnival Arts group artists include:  


Rebecca Huggett, Coordinator, Community Artist and Educational Practioner, has over ten years experience working in a variety of learning establishments and situations. She holds a degree in Creative Arts and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Post Compulsory Education. Rebecca currently works part time as a lecturer at Hereford College of Technology and is involved in developing a range of adult courses in the community.


Leo Caithness, Community Artist, Events Organiser and Musician, has over 15 years of experience delivering community arts to a wide range of user groups and individuals. He holds a degree in Creative Arts and a City and Guilds Certificate in post compulsory education.


Depending on the type of workshop, Rebecca and Leo are able to involve, coordinate and work with other professional artists who bring their own unique skills and experience to the workshops.

The group have also worked with several young artists as workshop assistants, providing them with experiences to enable them to become community artists. This has proved to be successful, with the assistants providing excellent support to the lead Artists during workshops.


In preparation to a workshop we will work with the client to discover what the aims and objectives are and to discuss other important factors such as who the participants will be, what their abilities and needs are, how many will be expected, what the time scale is, where the workshop will take place and the budget available to them.  We can then advise the client on numbers of arts workers and assistants recommended for a successful workshop and the type of activity that would be appropriate. Whether a school, youth club, adult group, community group or a festival, each workshop is designed to suit the individual aims and needs of each client. Our aim is to facilitate exciting, stimulating and challenging workshops that encourage a sense of achievement for all participants.




contacts:                                              Email:

Rebecca Huggett Coordinator     07973 33 50 10

Leo Caithness Administration     07816 68 68 56

Landline: 01432 265 464


97 Green Street