The Carnival arts group

Willow Withie model making:

This workshop involves making a structure from willow withies and masking tape, of say a fish or a bird, covering it with tissue paper and decorating it with sequins or glitter.

For older kids the process is quite complex and requires them to take on 3d structure building, for the younger ones we make simple 2d objects and focus on the decoration.
With either group it is an involving session and can be run with a mixed group, we find it inspires many adults too.


We have a variety of different printing techniques, again levelled at different abilities. Our favourite is block printing using very simple and user-friendly materials the participants create a large wooden backed stamp they can take away and use again and again. Other workshops include mono printing, plasticene sausage prints and lino.


Again a couple of different styles. We do the theatrical fitted head mask, that can be built on with papier maché techniques for fairly able groups. Masks on sticks with moving eyes or simple paper plate masks which will motivate the younger ones.

Eco art:

This is a pure eco friendly workshop set in woods or a outside space.

We bring materials that bio-degrade and make art from found objects (sticks, leaves, stones anything lying around) in the past we have made installations in the woods, created huge tree mobiles and made up a earth loving deity with an army of clay people as their subjects. Always fun and healthy it is of course fairly dependant on the weather.

Kite making:

The kids make their own kite and fly them, in a day.

There is a fairly large choice of shapes and styles we can agree on before we start, and like the withie workshops the emphasis can be on decoration, or, practicality and style.


Our costs are as follows

Arts workers £25 per hour

Materials and travelling at cost

There is a charge of £20 a day to cover us for our Public liability insurance and administration costs.

contacts:                                              Email:

Rebecca Huggett Coordinator     07973 33 50 10

Leo Caithness Administration     07816 68 68 56

Landline: 01432 265 464


97 Green Street