Carnival Arts Group

Workshops we offer

3D Withy Structures

These workshops begin with a demonstration by a Lead Artist after which the participants work together in groups to create a design for their chosen structure on paper. A 3D frame is then constructed using the willow withies. Once completed, the frame is decorated with brightly coloured tissue paper. The process engages children in a cross section of learning areas including research of the theme or subject, 3-D planning and design, problem solving, working as part of a team and construction skills.  The design can involve varying degrees of complexity depending on a group’s age, with the focus being concentrated on decoration for younger children. Many wonderful creations can be made reflecting chosen themes from fish to flowers and goats to gargoyles!

These structures are ideal for carnival parades or displays and exhibitions.

2D Withy Structures

Each participant makes a 3D or 2D frame using the willow withies that is then decorated in brightly coloured tissue paper. Amazing results can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. This workshop requires children to follow instructions and a demonstration, problem solving, design and construction skills.
These models look great waved around in a carnival parade or as part of a display or exhibition. 


Printing can be great fun for all ages. We offer various methods, block printing, mono printing, Press prints or lino printing. Our favourite is block printing; participants make their own individual printing block or work together to make a giant one. The blocks are inked up using water based printing ink and can be used again and again to make multiple prints. As well as its art and design applications, printing can be used as part of other curriculum area projects including learning about other countries, local history and creative writing.
The resulting prints and printing blocks can be used to create amazing displays or as part of a project portfolio.

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Kite Making

We have a simple but effective design that actually flies! Each participant can make their own kite from start to finish following verbal and written instructions with diagrams. Once completed the kite can be decorated using coloured pens. Kites require the children to use various tools to measure, mark and cut out materials and to follow instructions to assemble them correctly. They can be used as part of a bigger project into other cultures and countries such as learning about China where kite making and flying has been practiced for centuries. Kites also encourage children to get outside and run about as they fly them and learn about the weather.
Kites are great fun to make and fly, but can also make a great display once decorated.

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Art With Nature

Art with nature is inspired by the art of artists such as Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy who work outside using found, natural objects and materials such as twigs, leaves, acorns and stones. In our workshops, participants are asked to gather such materials from the surrounding area but we also provide bio degradable materials such as clay, wood chip and sisal string to help them make their amazing works of art, big and small. The aim is to create an outside art gallery populated by crazy clay creatures, tree mobiles, decorated pathways, pictures and whatever else the imagination can conjure up with the given materials. Always fun and healthy, it encourages people to look at and be part of their surroundings. Children can learn about the work of artists and use unusual materials to construct and make works of art. They can tell stories and create scenes in situ for other people to find.

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Masks can come in all sizes and shapes, can be worn on the head, held by a stick up to the face or waved around. Over the years we have developed a range of workshops to suit different age groups and events; from the very simple for nursery and reception aged children to those for older children and adults. We use a variety of materials from card, newspaper and masking tape to willow withies and coloured tissue paper. They can be made in the style of traditional masks found around the world or we are happy to develop new designs to suit chosen themes. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations and their design and construction skills.
Masks are great for carnival parades, plays and performances but can also make fantastic displays. 

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Lantern Parades can be magical especially in the autumn and winter when the nights are long. We make lanterns with all ages and abilities from simple recycled bottles to large scale withy structures (below). We can also event plan and lead the parade at your convenience. 

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Paper Aeroplanes and Flying Course

Make paper planes and fly them! Gain your Pilots Licence by completing the course! The Carnival Arts Group has created a course for paper Aeroplanes, loosely based on the rules of golf. Participants start by making a paper plane which they take to the 9 hole course. They then have to complete each hole by throwing the plane until they get it through a hoop or through a tube, over a pole or whatever the hole requires. Players add up their throws on a score card. Players can complete individually against themselves or in small groups. Those with low scores can gain a Pilot’s Licence!

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Carnival Crowns, costumes and head-dresses

From simple head-dresses to elaborate back-pack creations, carnival collars and crowns, the Carnival Arts Group can help participants make costumes as fanciful or as simple as required. We have lots of ideas for different age groups and events. We use a range of materials to create stunning visual effects that will reflect all sorts of themes from the simple to the elaborate. We can either create a design for participants to follow or encourage them to create their own designs using the materials provided. The more elaborate workshops require children to design and plan their work, mark and cut out materials; assemble the parts; decorate the finished piece.
Whether for a carnival parade, a play or performance, crowns, costumes and headdress can enhance the audiences experience and the participants’ performance.